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Obama is still President; Osama is dead, Imaginacion is bad

Deadline: 24 hours. Contribute.
Stefan — Instead of reminding you we’re 24 hours from the election’s biggest FEC deadline, I ask you to use your imagination.

It's August 2013 and you flip on the news. President Romney is holding a press conference from the Rose Garden highlighting his accomplishments, flanked by GOP leaders who now control the House and Senate. Eight months after their government takeover, Medicare as we know it is gone, Planned Parenthood funding is zero, and they’ve eliminated access to contraception for millions of women.

Really, close your eyes and picture it. Imagine how angry you are.

Future you is even more livid because when you saw Paul Ryan’s convention speech last night, you knew this could happen and that you could have done a little more to help stop it.

Don’t be furious with yourself. Click this link right now, contribute $5, and stop Romney and Ryan from taking the White House and Senate. Donate $5 before you run out of time in 24 hours — we still have $400,000 left to raise.

This is a 50-50 election. It is possible — given the Republicans’ colossal financial advantage — that we lose both the White House and the Senate.  But — and this is crucial — it is just as likely that we win both. It’s really up to you.

So use your imagination once more: It’s a year from today. Obama is still President and Democrats still control the Senate. Medicare, Planned Parenthood and access to contraception are safe from the radical Republicans.

And you will have a good night’s sleep because you donated right here:

Paul Begala

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