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Raczyńska nie raczyła pracować pod Wildsztajnem, to poszła sobie na chorobowe
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Ira Siad
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na blond i farbowała parę miesięcy, bo w Polsce żydówek na chorobowym się  nie kontroluje, a w telewizji pasemka widać.
Od poniedziałku szefem TVP1 będzie ponownie Małgorzata Raczyńska, która już pełniła tę funkcję. 
Jest przy tym szansa na odnowe moralną w Teatrze Telewizji, bo wraca Stare, sprawdzone jeszcze za Gierka.  I chodzi przy tem o to,  żeby się żaden gej żydówki o te chorobowe nie zaczepiał.
Bo co ma tonąć to, co już raz było? 
Zamienia stryjek żyda na kijek: Ira Siad i Apart Heid w IV RPA.
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Rabbi Arthur Waskow: the people freaked out and built the Golden Calf was that Moshe stayed so long up the mountain.
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Subject: Sacred Journey, Gay Quilt, Golden Shrine

A Prophetic Voice in Jewish, Multireligious, and American Life

Carrying the Sacred Space

Almost twenty years ago, the gay community in America began to make a Quilt.

Each square was made by the friends and family of one person who had suffered and died of AIDS-- most of them young, full of excitement and energy and hope until the disease laid hold of them.

Thousands upon thousands of squares, enough to cover huge areas of the Mall in Washington, D.C., where all the squares were brought and tied together.

A few of the squares were in dark and mournful colors. Many more were bright, crimson and purple and indigo, crocheted and knitted and embroidered with flowers and symbols and words and names. Each one a tombstone in cloth. There on the grass of the Mall in Washington, a whole graveyard in cloth.

Each square had been made with grommets so that it could be connected to the ones around it. Those who remembered each person who had died, those who had celebrated and remembered and memorialized each life, began to tie one grommet to another.

When the quilt was completed, it was ready to be carried from city to city, from country to country. A holy memorial to life much more than death, to hope much more than fear, to courage much more than pain.

A sacred work of art, the first public art made by a community that had been hidden in the narrow place of secrecy.

New as this Quilt was, we meet it in words of Torah that are almost three thousand years old. The passages of Torah that appear in the readings of this week. The passages that describe the Mishkan -- that portable Shrine the Israelites built in the wilderness, a Place in which God's very Presence (Shekhinah) loved to hover.

The children of Israel had been locked tight in a Narrow Place, Constricted Space, Mitzrayyim. (The Hebrew word for Egypt, "Mitzrayym," means a doubling of Narrowness, "the narrows, "between a rock and a hard place," "between the devil and the deep blue sea," "between Scylla and Charybdis." Perhaps to begin with, it was a geographical description —- for the real Egypt of people, not maps, is in fact a long narrow country, just a few miles wide each side of the Nile. Only later, perhaps, did it come to mean a narrow-minded country.)

So from Egypt, the narrow-minded empire, these prisoners had broken free, had turned the Narrow Space into a narrow birth canal. They had broken the birthing-waters of Mother Egypt when the waters of the Red Sea split. They were new-born.

And from the Voice that had beckoned them to birth and freedom, they heard the Vision of a sacred space. Full of scarlet and purple and deep blue. Woven of cloth, fashioned of fur. Shaped in sections that could be grommeted together. Light enough to carry on their journey, place to place.

The portable Shrine to carry through the Wilderness. The Mishkan. A Quilt.

They were Ivrim -- the Hebew word for "Hebrews." The word means "cross-over" folks, "trans-gressors," the free-ranging people who like Mexican "wetbacks" swam every sea and river, danced across each boundary. They were just newly free, had just crossed over that Sea of Reeds and blood, when they started gathering colors and textures and shapes for their Mishkan.

Newly ready to create their own culture, their own sense of holiness, their own art, their own music, their own stories. Their own physical space.

Each earring tossed into the simmering pot of molten gold was a gift in memory of some slave who had died sick, starving.

Each curving wooden pole and pulley was carved in memory of some boy-child bashed and beaten by the Pharaoh's bullies.

Like those just freed from Egypt, the newly free community of gay men and lesbians celebrated their first taste of freedom with a first act of communal responsibility -- making sure that their dead were not forgotten. Making sure that the world turned its attention to ending this plague and curing its victims. Turning what the world called their "transgressions" into freedom and community.

Building. Creating. Sewing. Weaving. Carrying. Connecting.

The Quilt. A Mishkan.

A Mishkan not only in the sense of a portable shrine.

A Mishkan in the sense of a Place where the Shekhinah dwells, God's immanent, intimate feminine aspect. A Place where God's presence can be felt in our very midst.

For God dwells most fully where the newly free remember their pain with tears, create their future in joy, and carry their vision into every journey of their lives.



The Torah says the reason the people freaked out and built the Golden Calf was that Moshe stayed so long up the mountain. They were steadfast almost the whole time, but when they could bear his absence no longer they demanded -- out of fear -- that Aaron build them what they remembered from Egypt as a bearer of sacred energy -- a bull-calf.

Question: Why did Moshe stay so long?

Answer: Most of the time, he was hearing the directions for the Mishkan. If they had not been so detailed, he could have come down much sooner.

Thought: Was the Mishkan God's Own golden calf? Did God, in the story, get so much into imagining Her / His Own portable tent that S/He forgot that the human hunger for creating beauty can only be fulfilled not by filling in each corner, letting the people paint only by the numbers, but by leaving most of the creativity up to them?

Is it idolatry to turn the fluid movable shrine for the Ever-Changing God into a rigid blueprint?

Is the Torah warning us against what some people call "spiritual materialism" -- piling up Heavenly moments as if we owned them, and thereby shattering our real God-connection?

Did the people, down the mountain, yearning for Truth, dimly hear --- " Now --- build it with lots of gold -- and some horns on the altar --- " and think they heard --

"Oh WOW! A golden bull-calf with horns!! Just like the good old days! -- Great!!!! "

How do we ourselves leave enough space for moving, changing, bringing new colors to our lives instead of simply filling in according to the numbers we are given?

Shalom, Arthur

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Ross Hedvicek: pro publikovani nepravdivych, vylhanych a dehonestujicich informaci v mem hesle na Wikipedii

Tiskova zprava

Ad 1) Hledam pravni firmu z Ceske republiky, schopnou komunikovat
plynnou legalni anglictinou, pro pravni zastupovani ve veci
nadchazejici zaloby proti spravcum ceske Wikipedie, kteri budou
zalovani pro publikovani nepravdivych, vylhanych a dehonestujicich
informaci v mem hesle na Wikipedii
http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Hedvicek) - jedna se o informace o
mem udajnem spamerstvi a dalsi nesmysly. To, ze me emaily nejsou
spamem, ale politickym sdelenim (tedy zakonem nezakazanym) bylo
potvrzeno v ceskem dennim tisku i UOOU
http://www.humintel.com/profit-2007-4-45.jpg) Na me zadosti o
vymazani pomluv ci celeho hesla spravci ceske Wikipedie
nereflektovali. Dle sdeleni mych americkych pravniku existuje pro
uspesnou zalobu jasny precedent
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siegenthaler_Incident). Kvalifikovani
zajemci kontaktujte mne prosim na me prime emailove adrese -

Ad 2) Hledam informace o pravych jmenech, datech narozeni a bydlisti
(zadne dalsi informace nejsou treba) za pseudonymy se skryvajicich
spravcu ceske Wikipedie, jako napriklad Beren, Miraceti, Ludek,
Nolanus, Jirka O., Aktron  tak, aby jejich prave identity mohly byt
pouzity v soudnim rizeni. Verim v pomoc svych obvyklych priznivcu,
ale i nove zdroje budou vitany. Kontaktujte mne prosim na me prime
emailove adrese

Souvisejici webstranky:



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Doktoranci z Chin do Niemiec, nowy program stypendialny od stycznia 2007 - Neues Stipendienprogramm ab diesem Jahr

Doktoranden aus China nach Deutschland

Der Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) und die chinesische Akademie der Wissenschaften (CAS) haben ein gemeinsam finanziertes Stipendienprogramm für chinesische Doktoranden vereinbart. Im Rahmen des Programms werden ab diesem Jahr zunächst bis zu zehn Nachwuchswissenschaftler, die an einem CAS-Institut promovieren, zu zweijährigen Forschungsaufenthalten nach Deutschland gehen. Das Programm soll nach dem chinesischen Frühlingsfest (18. Februar) landesweit ausgeschrieben werden. Abgabeschluss für die Stipendienanträge wird voraussichtlich Mitte April sein. Die chinesische Akademie der Wissenschaften setzt sich aus einer Vielzahl von Instituten zusammen. Für die deutschen Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen bietet dieses Programm die Möglichkeit, langfristige Beziehungen zu einigen der besten Forschungsinstitute Chinas aufzubauen. In den vergangenen Jahren hat sich China in der Weltrangliste der Ausgaben für Forschung und Entwicklung auf den zweiten Platz geschoben.


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Wiesbaden, 30 neue Mitarbeiter aus dem Konstruktions- und Ingenieurbereich im Raum Wiesbaden

 Das deutschlandweit agierende Engineering-Unternehmen plant in diesem Jahr etwa 30 neue Mitarbeiter im Raum Wiesbaden einzustellen.

   Der hiesige Standort des Konstruktionsspezialisten befindet sich in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim und damit ganz in der Nähe seiner Kunden aus der Region. "Die zentrale Lage im Herzen des Rhein-Main-Gebietes ist ein großer Pluspunkt für uns", sagt Niederlassungsleiter Stefan Heyde. "Von hier aus können wir unsere Kunden optimal betreuen und ihnen vor Ort mit bester Beratung und Unterstützung dienen."

   Um weiter zu wachsen, braucht Teccon neue qualifizierte Mitarbeiter. "Wir wollen unsere Marktposition als kompetenter Engineering-Partner deutlich ausbauen", erläutert Heyde ein Unternehmensziel. "Deswegen suchen wir engagierte, kreative und teamfähige Mitarbeiter aus dem Konstruktions- und Ingenieurbereich."

   Teccon investiert jährlich fünf Prozent des Umsatzes in die Weiterbildung und Qualifikation seiner Mitarbeiter, um die hohe Qualität seiner technischen Dienstleitungen zu gewährleisten. Mit
rund 1.300 Mitarbeitern gehört Teccon zu den führenden Engineering-Unternehmen in Deutschland.

   Teccon setzt jedoch nicht nur auf einen erweiterten firmeneigenen Mitarbeiterstamm. Die Niederlassung in Wiesbaden plant ebenso die Zusammenarbeit und den Dialog mit kleinen und mittelständischen regionalen Ingenieurbüros.

   Wer sich in Wiesbaden und Umgebung für eine Kooperation mit Tecconoder eine Anstellung interessiert, wendet sich unter wiesbaden@teccon.de beziehungsweise 0611 72490-0 an Stefan Heyde oderinformiert sich unter www.teccon.de im Internet.

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sobota, 03 lutego 2007
Eva Clarova: bohuzel moderni modlou lidstva se stal mamon

  rys.: Stefan Maday

bohuzel moderni modlou lidstva se stal mamon -detem se od malicka kupuji ty
nejdrazsi hracky , majici nahradit rodicovskou vychovu, ti se jen honi za
karierou a penezi , jak by mohly deti ziskat vedomi o tom,  ze existuje cosi
jako pokura, ucta, skromnost -ec


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